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Sparking outlets?

A sparking outlet  could be dangerous if:


  • The spark lasts longer than a brief moment
  • The spark is intense and yellow (not blue)
  • The sparking happens every time you use the outlet (not matter what appliance is plugged in)
  • You smell smoke after the spark or see burn marks on the outlet


According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, over 51,000 home electrical fires occur every year and are responsible for:

  • 51,000 fires
  • 500 deaths
  • 1,400 injuries
  • $1.3 billion in property damages

Don't risk it, call Voltium and get it fixed today.

Three way switches.
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Three-way switches?

If you are not comfortable  handling wiring of this nature, Voltium is there for you.   Our technicians do them frequently,

Four-way switches, too!

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CFL bulbs

Chandeliers & Ceiling Fans to hang?

Nothing's too heavy, delicate, or complex for us to install! 

Table off center to the ceiling outlet?  We can handle that, too.

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Electrical Small Jobs in Gaithersburg

Three-Way Switches